Sunday, November 25, 2012

Comment: The Global Status of Human Rights

     In his treatise The Free Sea, Hugo Grotius, considered the founder of international law, claimed the idea that the sea is a shared territory that all are free to use.  It provided a general view of political normativity.  Political normativity singularizes contemporary political, economic and moral phenomena within the question of how decisions, actions and development are explained and legitimated with reference to a common good.  It is not parasitic on legislated law by one nation or another.

     Inspired by Hugo Grotius, in his lecture Nobel laureate Amartya Sen makes a similar appeal to the global status of rights, rights that all human beings are supposed to have.  Sen argues that human rights come not from specific national legislation, but from the recognition that these freedoms come from general appreciation of normativity, which means that we are supposed to consider human rights from an ethical perspective connected with our common good, focusing on basic importance of human freedoms.


- Kate Li

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